Michael Hearn

Michael has been playing Magic since 2006 and Highlander since 2012. Well known for playing large numbers of artifacts in every format and for failing to ever play around Price of Progress. Made day two of a couple of Australian GPs and well known for top 8ing pretty much every Adelaide Highlander event and then promptly losing in the quarterfinals. A stalwart of the Adelaide highlander scene who can be found lending cards to anyone who will take them.

7 Point Highlander Win-A-Mox MTGO League Metagame Breakdown

Thanks to the fantastic work of Isaac and many others an online 7 point highlander league was run on magic online during May and June 2021, with the prize being a paper “Mox”. Due to this outstanding prize and the fact that this was a free to enter event we smashed all records for a highlander event, with 204 people entering the event.  This event was run entirely online, so all of the deck lists and results for all 1588 matches played over the 5 weeks of the league are available to use. This provides the most detailed look into… Read More »7 Point Highlander Win-A-Mox MTGO League Metagame Breakdown