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Michael Billinghurst

Michael has been around the Melbourne competive magic scene since 2012, and the highlander scene for almost as long. He's a huge fan of counterspells, drawing cards and is known for playing Esper control decks wherever he can, (and sometimes where he can't). His highlander accolades include a Moxing day victory in 2018, and back-to-back Online leagues in early 2021. You can find him having strong opinions on niche sideboard cards on the highlander discord, or in a BEMB tshirt at every highlander event he can get to.

ACT: 7 Point Highlander Nationals 2023 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

Michael Billinghurst – Omnath walks: Full lists and stats can be found here, curtesy of Graham King The big day approached, highlander nationals, the year that finally one of the illustrious BEMB would finally claim the trophy. 14 of us travelled down together from Melbourne, sporting the iconic tye-died blue t-shirts, and ready to play some highlander. We tested… Read More »ACT: 7 Point Highlander Nationals 2023 | Deck Lists & Tournament Report

The Good-stuff Control Archetype in Highlander

Welcome to the Good-stuff Control deck archetype for 7 Point Highlander! On this page you will find all the content related to this play style. A Summary of the Good-stuff Control Archetype Good-stuff Control decks plan to control the game via spells that are fundamentally good on their own (as opposed to the Synergy Control Archetype). When behind, these Control… Read More »The Good-stuff Control Archetype in Highlander


Points Announcement: Dominaria United

Since the last points announcement we’ve had the largest paper highlander event ever, with 2022 Highlander Masters, and a return to consistent paper play amongst most of the highlander scene, resulting in a significant uptick in event results and data. Overall we still believe 7 point Highlander is in an excellent spot, with a broad variety of archetypes and play styles seeing some success. However with some new members on the committee, we’ve taken a look at some of the historical points, with an eye to free up some cards that aren’t seeing play, and revitalise some struggling archetypes.

Thassa's Oracle

Deck Primer: Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander

Welcome to a deck primer on Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander! In this article we will take a deep dive into the Thassa’s Oracle combo, which is a representative of the Combo/Control archetype Highlander. We’ll briefly look at the journey Oracle has taken through the format, and how to approach the deck in the post Modern Horizons 2 world. I have… Read More »Deck Primer: Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander