Michael Billinghurst

Michael has been around the Melbourne competive magic scene since 2012, and the highlander scene for almost as long. He's a huge fan of counterspells, drawing cards and is known for playing Esper control decks wherever he can, (and sometimes where he can't). His highlander accolades include a Moxing day victory in 2018, and back-to-back Online leagues in early 2021. You can find him having strong opinions on niche sideboard cards on the highlander discord, or in a BEMB tshirt at every highlander event he can get to.

Thassa's Oracle

Deck Primer: Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander

Welcome to a deck primer on Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander! In this article we will take a deep dive into the Thassa’s Oracle combo, which is a representative of the Combo/Control archetype Highlander. We’ll briefly look at the journey Oracle has taken through the format, and how to approach the deck in the post Modern Horizons 2 world. I have played a lot of Oracle, from the very first ‘Esper Oracle’ Deck I pioneered way back in Feb 2020, to the team deck we settled on (shoutout to BEMB) for Moxing day 2020 which managed to put 3 copies into… Read More »Deck Primer: Grixis Oracle in 7 Point Highlander