Jim Dowling

Jim is a judge, a long term pilot of all sorts of jank, and, as he puts it, a glorified cheerleader for the Blue EleMelbourne Blasters. He’s been playing highlander for 7 years, and has piloted decks from BW tokens to 5C midrange to UW winconless control, and many things between. He is (as the team name suggests!) from Melbourne and you can catch him at all sorts of events around town.

VIC: Easter Eternal Day 2 @ Temple Arden 05/04/2021 | Deck Lists

Player’s Standing Player’s Name Player’s Deck List Link 1st Riley Jones Mono R Burn (R Aggro) 2nd Brennan Crawford Grixis Oracle (UBR Combo-Tempo) 3/4 Dom Ze Jeskai Breach (WUR Combo) 3/4 Tim Hughes Elves (Gw Ramp-Midrange) 5-8 Thomas Bot MUD (C Ramp-Midrange) 5-8 Ethan Bird Mono R Burn (R Aggro) 5-8 Brett Girvan Mono R Burn (R Aggro) 5-8 Saher Khalil Izzet Twin (UR Combo-Tempo)

VIC: Easter Eternal Day 1 @ Temple Arden 04/04/2021 | Deck Lists & Video Coverage

Player’s Standing Player’s Name Player’s Deck List Link 1st Ethan Bird Mono Red Burn (R Aggro) 2nd Thomas Sellitto Izzet Burn (UR Aggro) 3/4 Isaac Egan Tolarian Draw 7’s (UBRG Combo) 3/4 Glenn Shanley Mono Green (G Midrange) 5-8 Trent Armstrong Mono Red Burn (R Aggro) 5-8 Trent Clarke Omnath Pod (WURG Midrange) 5-8 Alec Ferguson Esper Control (WUB Control) 5-8 Rob Lark Grixis Control (UBR Tempo-Control)