Dillon Kikkawa

Dillon Kikkawa, is a long time magic player, started in 2002 and been playing highlander since 2011. They are a huge fan of aggressive decks and playing competitive magic, Including a few good finishes across various events and formats, inlcuding playing on Pro Tour Ixalan.

Rakdos Headliner

Deck Primer: BR Aggro in 7 Point Highlander

Welcome to the 7 point Highlander deck primer for BR aggro. My current list can be found from the following link which I keep updated regularly. Live Deck List – BR Aggro Why play BR aggro? There are many reasons you might want to pick up this deck. You like burn spells, you like redundancy, you like consistency or you’re very impatient (Disclaimer, you will need some patience to play this deck, or any deck, optimally). Due to the huge amount of redundancy in this list, naturally the deck is very consistent. By combing recursive creatures with efficient burn spells… Read More »Deck Primer: BR Aggro in 7 Point Highlander