Daniel Abraham

Daniel Abraham has provided legal policy advice to Australian Governments across range fields, including 11 years in the Attorney-General’s portfolio. He enjoys legislative and regulatory design, and currently specialises in telecommunications law and policy. Dan started slinging spells around the release of The Dark, but then gave up the game for 18 years. Since returning five years ago, Dan has become an avid student of MTG theory, and enjoys designing and fine-tuning aggro control, tempo and combo Australian Highlander lists. He also finds it hard not to sleeve up Deathrite Shaman whenever possible. Dan holds Bachelors degrees in Law (Hons) and Political Science from the University of Queensland.

Deck Primer: Omnath Good Stuff in 7 Point Highlander

Welcome to a deck primer on my Omnath Good Stuff midrange deck. The deck is part of the value midrange archetype in 7 Point Highlander, drawing on all colours bar black. The deck emerged March 2022, following the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty points update, at which time I started iterating the list publicly while making drafting notes on Moxfield. I wanted to provide others with an opportunity to observe and ponder for themselves the reasons for my iterations. With COVID-19 and the rigours of family life, I mainly play highlander causally, but still love designing decks and thinking about the application of magic… Read More »Deck Primer: Omnath Good Stuff in 7 Point Highlander